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Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Encourage People To Fit Smoke Alarms On Every Level Of Their Home

As part of the Fire Kills Campaign, Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service is encouraging people to purchase and install smoke alarms on every level of their home.

Working smoke alarms save lives, but they can only alert people to the danger of a fire if smoke is detected within its range. It is therefore essential that smoke alarms are fitted on every level of the home and that these are tested weekly.

Fire statistics show that one smoke alarm may not be enough to provide you with the best possible chance of escaping a fire in the home.
Despite 89% of homes in England having at least one smoke alarm, householders were only alerted to just under half of all house fires. The most common reason why a smoke alarm failed to activate was because the fire was outside its range.

Prevention and Inclusion Group Manager Steve Ratcliffe said: “It is important to remember that if a fire occurs outside of a smoke alarm’s range, the alarm will not be able to detect the smoke and therefore it won’t give early warning of the fire, allowing you and your loved ones the time to Get Out, Stay Out and Call 999.

“With this in mind, I would encourage everyone to install a smoke alarm on every level of their home and to test them weekly.”

If you are living in rented accommodation, it is the responsibility of your landlord to fit smoke alarms.

Protection Watch Manager Rob Leverton said: “Since 2015, new regulations have required landlords to fit smoke alarms in rented properties; failure to do so, may result in landlords facing a fine of up to £5,000. DFRS has a limited supply of free, interim smoke alarms to help landlords bridge the gap caused by the new regulations.”

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service would like to remind everyone of the following advice:

Install at least one smoke alarm on every level of your home and test them weekly.
Smoke alarms are affordable and available from DIY stores, electrical stores and most high street supermarkets.
The ideal position for installing smoke alarms is on the ceiling, in the middle of a room or on a hallway or landing.
Consider fitting additional alarms in other rooms where there are electrical appliances.
Consider fitting additional alarms near sleeping areas.
Ensure your alarm is replaced every ten years.
In the event of an emergency, Get Out, Stay Out and Call 999.
For more information on home fire safety, visit:

For more information on smoke alarms in rented properties, visit:

You can also follow our social media channels, Facebook and Twitter for regular fire safety advice and information and can get involved via our weekly hashtag #TestitTuesday.

15 August | Amber Sound FM News


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